“Such an amazing voice and it’s really gorgeous to hear in these settings. My favorite cut: Baby. Something about the fact that it’s uptempo makes it even more fun to hear her voice - the precision and prettiness and feeling of it.”
—  Ira Glass
A stunning tribute to Lena, I loved it. I left feeling uplifted and joyful. Candice captured our imaginations and took us on time travel into the past and future. Superb!
— Jamia Wilson, Exec. Director of Feminist Press
“She has a powerhouse of a voice that will easily sweep you off your feet and has captured audiences at Lincoln Center, international music festivals and even new york fashion week. yet the true magic lies in her unique sensibility for storytelling, and she uses themes such as the jazz age, feminism and black history as her guide”
— Man Repeller 
“For her first CD, Hoyes dove into the National Archives to retrieve rare works by Duke Ellington written specifically for female vocalists”
— Robin Gavhan, The Washington Post
Whether it’s debuting their tracks at New York Fashion Week or performing on Sway in the Morning, get better acquainted with 13 black women from across the diaspora you need to be listening to right now.
— Shaira Chaer, VIBE Magazine