On a Turquoise Cloud marks the alluring debut album of American jazz vocalist Candice Hoyes. Currently #10 on the American Jazz Charts, On a Turquoise Cloud interprets rare songs virtually unrecorded since Ellington’s own recordings. Produced by two-time GRAMMY® award winner Ulysses Owens, Jr., the album has garnered critical acclaim for both Hoyes and her exceptional octet.

Ellington created these high-flying songs to showcase versatile divas Adelaide Hall, Kay Davis, and Alice Babs, and this gifted ensemble reimagines them with a distinctly contemporary sound. These are the songs where swing first met classical, and they were a blueprint for much of today’s best musical theater, opera, and art song.

Hoyes, a rising star in this generation of vocalists, is devoted to adding this missing piece to the Ellington legacy. “My grandparents were 1940s Harlemites and they danced to Ellington’s big band regularly. That generation is leaving us- my grandmother is 93. It means so much that we can share this album because the music is sensational.” To find the song manuscripts, Hoyes pursued months of archival research. “It was a real hunt, which makes it even sweeter when you find them all.”

The supple vocal lines of On a Turquoise Cloud infuse the signature Ellington harmonies with a sultry femininity, setting these tunes apart in his songbook. On a Turquoise Cloud brings a stunning corner of Ellington to light again, offering a fresh and stylish reading that ensures this music has new life.

September 2015




Candice Hoyes / Vocalist

Ted Nash / Alto Saxophone, Alto Flute, And Clarinet

Ron Blake / Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, And Flute

Carl Maraghi / Bass Clarinet & Baritone Saxophone

Marcus Printup / Trumpet

Vincent Gardner / Trombone

Adam Birnbaum / Piano

Yasushi Nakamura / Bass

Ulysses Owens Jr. / Drums & Percussion

Special Guests

Joe Temperley / Bass Clarinet (Single Petal Of A Rose)

Wycliffe Gordon / Trombone (Almighty God)


1. On A Turquoise Cloud (Ellington / Brown) Arrangement By Ted Nash

2. Heaven (Ellington) Arrangement By Ulysses Owens Jr.

3. Come Sunday (Ellington) Arrangement By Kenny Rampton

4. Baby (Fields / Mchugh) Arrangement By Wycliffe Gordon

5. Transblucency (Ellington / Brown) Arrangement By Adam Birnbaum

6. Brown Penny (Ellington / Latouche) Arrangement By Kenny Rampton

7. Far Away Star (Lindberg) Arrangement By Ted Nash

8. Creole Love Call (Ellington) Arrangement By Vincent Gardner

9. Single Petal Of A Rose (Ellington) Arrangement By Ulysses Owens Jr. & Carl Maraghi

10. Violet Blue (Strayhorn) Arrangement By Adam Birnbaum

11. Blues I Love To Sing (Ellington / Miley) Arrangement By Vincent Gardner

12. Almighty God (Ellington) Arrangement By Wycliffe Gordon

13. Thank You For Everything (Strayhorn / Anderson) Arrangement By Ted Nash