L.A. Review Of Books – Everyone Has A Place: On Wynton Marsalis’s Abyssinian Mass, And The Tour Buses That Took Us There

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THIS FIRST TOUR of Abyssinian Mass reached 16 US cities, played by its composer, renowned jazz and classical trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis, and the extraordinary soloists of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. The work is made for jazz orchestra and choir, and it features Chorale Le Chateau, a collective of soloists handpicked by our conductor, Damien Sneed. Wynton’s and Damien’s shared vision for the piece is steadfast: that we should play together with familial love in our ensemble sound and give of ourselves like any other time-worn congregation. Damien is a brave and sensitive conductor, and the kind who really loves singers. He respects us and is generous as we work to achieve a certain expression in the sound. As Chorale Le Chateau we are a diverse crew of singers who come from jazz, gospel, musical theater, and classical backgrounds. Listen to an interview with Wynton Marsalis and read the full article here.